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Fr. Timothy Barna

Rt. Rev. Mitered Archpriest Timothy M. Barna
Fr. Timothy came to Michigan in February 1999 to assist his father, the Rt. Rev. Mitred Archpriest Michael E. Barna, priest of St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church,  Redford, MI.  On June 1, 2004,  Fr. Michael Barna was granted retirement from His Grace Bishop Mercurius, who then officially appointed Fr. Timothy as rector of St. Michael’s.

In the year of 2005, Fr. Timothy was contacted by the Bishop’s Council of New York City and was requested to celebrate at St. Michael’s, the11th Convocation of the Patriarchal Churches under the Jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarch of the U.S.A.   October 23- 25, 2005, the 11th Convocation of Moscow Patriarchate of the USA held their convocation at St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church, Redford, Michigan.  On the  second to last day, a banquet was held in St. Michael’s Culture Center, with many of St. Michael’s  parishioners and members of other Orthodox churches attending.  His Grace the Most Reverend Bishop Mercurius thanked Fr. Timothy, the church council, and member of St. Michael’s for hosting the three day Convocation.  Fr. Timothy thanked Patric Hermes, and the church council members for all theirhelp in meeting this momentous challenge.

In the Year of 2008, after 2 years of debating, research,  and visiting various Orthodox Churches, Fr. Timothy, with the help of Patric Hermes, Fr. Michael, Dean Henkel council president and the Church Council, contracted Campbellsville Industries, Inc. of Campbellsville, Kentucky for the installation of  four (4) new cupolas to surround the existing cupola on the church roof. , During Holy Week, on Monday, April 2nd the cupolas arrived, and on Tuesday, April 3rd after a prayer service with Fr. Michael, Fr. Timothy and many parishioners of St. Michael’s, the Cupolas were installed.  That same week, on Holy Thursday, Holy Friday, Holy Saturday, and PASCHA (Easter),  the Cupolas were shining brightly towards the heavens.  This had been a dream of  Fr. Michael’s since he came to St. Michael’s 29 years ago – and finally the dream came true.

Before coming to Michigan,  Fr. Timothy served  St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Reading, Pa. where his father, Rt. Rev.  Michael, and grandfather, the late Archimandrite Ignatius Barna had served for 37 years.  Fr. Timothy served this parish  from 1989 to 1998 (9 years). The three father Barnas have served the Reading parish  a total of  46 years.  On Sunday, November 19th, 1995, Father Timothy, then rector, and Father Michael Barna served Pontifical Divine Liturgy with His Grace The Most Reverend Bishop Paul and visiting clergy  in celebration of St. Nicholas’s 90th Anniversary. A banquet followed at Stokesay Castle in the mountains outside of Reading.  St. Nicholas Church is the oldest Orthodox Church in Reading, Pennsylvania. This was Fr. Timothy’s home parish; were he was baptized, attended Sunday school, served as altar boy, reader, choir director, and deacon before being ordained a priest. 

Prior to being ordained a priest, Fr. Timothy was ordained a deacon by Bishop Ireney on May 13, 1979, at St. Nicholas Cathedral in New York City.  He is the third (3rd) generation to be ordained at the Cathedral in NYC.   He served St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Reading, Pennsylvania  for one year as a deacon.  On Ascension day, May 10, 1980,  Fr. Timothy was ordained into the priesthood at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, Chester, Pennsylvania, by His Grace The Most Reverend Bishop Ireney.  This was Fr. Timothy’s  first parish assignment, and he he served the Chester parish from 1980 to 1989. On May 17, 1981, after serving one year at the Chester parish of St. Nicholas, Fr. Timothy invited the bishop  to celebrate the completion of the interior painting of the church with the  Consecration of the Altar and Blessing of the Church Interior.  His Grace, The Most Reverend Bishop Ireney, celebrated this day with a Pontifical Divine Liturgy.  Various visiting clergy attended to assist His Grace.   After the liturgy, everyone was invited to the  Polish American Eagle’s Club to finish off the final events of the day with a dinner celebration.

Fr. Timothy is married to the Matushka Nadezhda (Hope) Sherry Barna, a June of 2000 graduate of Kutztown University, Kutztown, Pennsylvania  with a BS Degree in Elementary Education.  They have one child, a daughter Natasha, who graduated from The Reading Hospital School of Nursing, Reading, Pennsylvania in 1996.  Natasha was married to Brian Thompson on September 9, 2006. 

Fr. Timothy served in the USAF during the Vietnam war from 1967 to 1971. He served duty at Basic Training in Lackland AFB, Lackland, Texas, and then upon completing basic training,  was transferred to Tactical Air Command, Langley AFB, Hampton/Newport News, Virginia.

In September of 1979, Fr. Timothy was invited by the Russian Patriarchate, for a period of three (3) weeks for further studies at the Liningrad (St. Petersburg) Seminary.

On May 10, 2004, Fr. Timothy was appointed the parish rector of St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church in Redford, succeeding his father, Rt. Rev. Mitred Archpriest, who retired with the title of Dean Emeritus.

Fr. Timothy’s awards Ordained to Subdeacon - 1975, His Grace Bishop Markay; Ordained to Deacon - 5-13-79 by His Grace Bishop Ireney; Ordained to Priest - 5-15-80 by His Grace Bishop Ireney; Ukaz assignment to St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Chester, Pa  6-17-80 ; Ukaz assignment to St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Reading, Pa. in January 1989;  Ukaz to St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church, Redford, MI on 2-99 and assigned as Assistant Priest; Ukaz assignment to St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church  as rector; in May 2004.  Bishop’s Council Member( nonminated by the Bishop Council 11thConvocation - 10-23-25, 2005)


  • Nabedreinik, 5-17, 1981 by His Grace Bishop Ireney
  • Skufa, 5-22-1983, by His Grace Bishop Clement
  • Kamilavka, 4-22-1984, by His Grace Bishop Clement
  • Gold Cross, 5-10-1987, by His Grace Bishop Clement
  • Archpriest, 5-13-1990, by His Grace Archbishop Clement
  • Palitsa, 11-19, 1995, by His Grace Bishop Paul
  • Jewelled Cross, 4-17-2004 by His Grace Bishop Mercurius
  • Gramata, 10-23-2007 by His Grace Bishop Mercurius (in recognition of his work on the 2004-2007 Bishop Council) and serving the Holy Orthodox Church of Russia